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The hope of bluegreenheart

Looking for the light of hope in all things in nature

“The hope of bluegreenheart”

When I visit temples or shrines to pray, I wonder where “the fresh feeling” is coming from. 

From such a feeling I have, I started photographing temples and shrines. It was November 2015.


When the shooting, I start with learning about history of the subjects, pray as the other worshipers and make rhythm with my heart. Without using tripod or strobes, I tried not to disturb atmosphere of the sacred places.


While shooting, I have reached idea that the pray and the hope of many worshipers from the past to the present accumulated infinitely, they live together with grasses, trees, rocks, flowers and water. I realized that the places unified with the nature and the hope existing everywhere.


I kept shooting as if I was called and stopped by the places to resonate. People’s thoughts, pray and determinations resonated and existed inside of the sacred places, and accumulated hope or life force. Then, I noticed that those places gave “the fresh feelings” that I had.


“The fresh feeling”

They are life force in all things in nature.


“The hope of bluegreenheart” is the work which is recreated as a visual art. It is extracted “the fresh feeling” from the places.


The aim for the work is to reach many people’s heart linked with hopes, courage and determination. To create, I also face to the work seriously by learning about subjects deeply.


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